The Voice of the Little Child

“But he hasn’t got anything on,” the little child said.

If you want to know why you can’t get over the nagging feeling that you’re at the parade of the Emperor with No Clothes, I’ll tell you.  It’s because you are standing in a crowd of people celebrating mass denial of sexual dysfunction.

I see people of opposite opinions on this issue, all crying for kindness.  Everyone is worried that speaking their mind may somehow seem un-Christ-like, or unkind. Let me put your mind at ease.  The little child who told the crowd he could see no clothes on the emperor wasn’t being unkind. He told the truth, and the Emperor was seen for what he was.  Naked. If people had mocked the emperor for being naked, that’s where the unkindness might have come in.  But it didn’t.  The emperor kept going on, suspecting he was naked, and that was the end.  Imagine a person with schizophrenia.  Do you convince yourself that hearing voices is normal so that you can be  Christ-like? Is denying a problem showing love?  No.  The kindest, most loving, Christ-like thing you can do for them is to accept that they have schizophrenia and love them, schizophrenia and all.

Our story didn’t happen like the emperor’s.  People suffering from same-sex attraction have been mocked to the point they were suicidal.  Had that happened to the emperor, would people have blamed that child?  Would that mean that the child had been unkind? There’s a difference between pointing out reality for sanity’s sake, and mocking that reality.

This isn’t about love.  It isn’t about being kind.  It isn’t even about religious belief. Don’t give me your over-simplified quotes and out-of-context scripture passages about love and acceptance.  They simply don’t apply.  It is just as ridiculous to call someone a “hater” who is adamant and vocal about their belief that 1+1 doesn’t equal 3.  It also isn’t any more “kind” to convince yourself that your “belief” that 1+1 doesn’t equal 3 shouldn’t affect other people’s belief that 1+1=3.  You want to say “I’m glad you see things as so black and white.”  Well, I feel comfortable using such simplistic analogies, because our anatomy is just as obvious.

People who can’t/won’t have sexual intercourse, who can not make a family, are not the building blocks of a family.  Marriage is what we do to make families.

There’s a reason people in this society started getting married.  It was because they realized that domesticated men and women are the essential building blocks of families, and that we need families to be civilized.  That children need mothers and fathers.  Don’t give me your ridiculous rhetoric about families being made up of different components and all being just as effective as the other.  You’re not an idiot.  You don’t even need statistics like these ( to know that a family missing a father misses its father.  You know a family missing a mother is missing a mother.  You know that not everyone gets what they need, and that overcoming deficiency is a part of life.  My beef isn’t with families lacking certain components.  My problem is with people so insecure with their deficiencies and problems that they feel the need to pretend they don’t exist. Or worse yet, convince everyone that their deficiency should be celebrated.

Here’s the reason the majority of people started to think it made sense to redefine marriage to accommodate people who can’t have sexual intercourse or make a family:  somewhere along the timeline of our society, probably around the time that the entertainment industry got a firm grasp on us, and pleasure from self-indulgence became more important than the harder-to-attain pleasure that comes from doing right, people started thinking that marriage was about making themselves happy.

Sexual dysfunction didn’t become a political battle until, like generations before them, people who didn’t want to admit their wrong-doing decided to change everyone else instead of themselves.  This law about marriage wasn’t about “rights.”  It was all about people wanting society to openly condone their backward actions.  It wouldn’t have been possible, except for the growing misunderstanding people have about the reason we vote.  Somehow, a large percentage of people started believing that instead of voting your conscience… instead of voting to represent yourself, you are supposed to vote to make other people happy.  People suddenly didn’t mind that they didn’t have a voice about what they KNEW to be truly right and wrong, as long as everyone was “happy.”  And then, as the voices crying “homosexuality” (which isn’t’ even a sexuality!) grew loud and emotional enough, people forgot about defending right and wrong.  People started even to forget the difference between right and wrong.

Think back to your innocence.  Remember your very initial reaction to hearing that people of the same gender thought they could have sexual intercourse?  That was your common sense talking.  Since then, like people who acquire a taste for cigarettes, all the while knowing they are making themselves accept something that isn’t healthy, isn’t normal, a huge percentage of people have slowly convinced themselves that same-gender attraction is “homosexuality.”  Once that became a word that people believed existed, common sense was already down the toilet.

If you want to quote scripture, quote one that is its own context: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! ”  Notice it didn’t say those who DO evil.  he wasn’t talking about those acting on sexual dysfunction.  He was talking about the people unwilling to call it like it is.

YOUR OPINION MATTERS.  Let people call your opinion what they will- your opinion not only matters, it is the only thing that will save the very people in dissent of it.

This situation is about the age-old plan of people who want to do evil trying to get everyone else to swim backward with them.   We’ve read about civilizations who let the current reverse.  Whose majority started swimming backward. Even those who you’d expect to know better get duped. The end result is never pretty.

To those who are feeling that pull of the current running backward, who are wondering if they should just quietly give up and swim in the same direction because it is just too hard to swim the right way anymore.  Swim harder. It is not just worth it… it’s essential.

Whether they know it or not, the very people calling your common sense unkindness–or even more boldly, calling it “hatred”– they need you.  Their lifestyle of self-indulgence relies on having a society in the first place.  And you- those few people still swimming in the right direction- those people who are giving children mothers and fathers, or doing their best to make up for the deficiency of one or the other, whether you like it or not, you are the backbone.  You are the pillars.   The most Christ-like thing you can do is to keep doing what you’re doing, teach your children how to be pillars, even while people try to redesign the building without the pillars.

In a sad way, it is comforting to me that the Supreme Court had to usurp power they didn’t have to re-write our country’s definition of marriage.  It means that the gagged majority wasn’t working with them.  Which means that the majority still knows what marriage is really supposed to be, and is still unwilling to condone the writing into law of those practicing sexual dysfunction as building blocks of families.

Your beliefs may have been ignored and trampled on.  That doesn’t mean that voicing them, over and over again, is “unkind.”  It means that you love the people around you enough to  keep the roof up over them.  Teach your children to be pillars.  It is the only way to keep the building standing after you’re gone.  Because those who have fallen aren’t going to rebuild themselves.